Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Grill roasted corn on the cob

Grill roasted corn on the cob is a popular item for barbecue, but it's  also the summer snack par excellence in Haiti.
 It's sold  in every corner of many popular streets, ready to eat. It's easy to prepare , inexpensive, a delectable way to spend quality time with the  family.
Traditionally we roast the corn in the husks. Never soak the corns in water even if they are not so fresh, if you do , you will have steamed corns but not roasted. If the corns are very dry, remove the dried  husks and sprinkle a little water on the rest of the husks before cooking. Otherwise just remove the  first few husks and put the corns on the grill about 3 inches from the fire source, turn frequently and should be cook slowly about 15 minutes. They are done when the husks are no longer green.
Many people enjoy roasted corns  the  perfect way that nature send them, but if you like butter, salt and pepper, grated cheeses, sugar, cinnamon, chili powder  etc.. it's up to you, they all make delicious additions. You can't fail roasted corn.


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