Sunday, June 26, 2011


When comes summer, comes barbecue times  as well. Although, we barbecue year around in Haiti, but summer is the pic time of barbecues.
Traditionally, there are no parties in Haiti without  barbecued goat(s) or kabrit boucanin as it is called  and goat is our preferred meat for barbecues. It's prepared today the same way  the Taino Indians prepared their meats then ; heavily seasoned with salt and herbs to preserve it from spoilage  and imparting a good flavor.
 Our repertoire of grilling doesn't stop at meat grilling only, one of the most enjoyable summer delice is grilled corn ( mais boucanin) at  the beach grilled conch (lambi boucanin), grilled fish (pimantade),grilled crayfish, a treat of a grilled sweet plantain or sweet potato, or breadfruit etc.
Many food are wrapped in banana leaves or other leaves and cook under the fire in the ashes, while others are cooked in a grill box like steaks (grillades) or simply directly on the pit like shish kabob ( brochettes)
There are many ways to enjoy the  barbecue season and our numerous grilling methods.

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