Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Thank you very much

Dear Marie claude,
Thank you for visiting my blog as well as your kind suggestion.
I am taking this opportunity to invite you to visit my blog regularly and I welcome any tips, comments and traditional family recipes from you or your acquaintances that you like to share. This blog is created in an effort to preserve our culture our cooking tradition which is in danger of extinction.
The influence of the different culture with the diaspora and the fusion of modern cooking have made me wonder sometimes of what type of cuisine I am eating..
I am not a purist, and I enjoy a wide variety of  world cuisine, but we need to leave a legacy , a doctrine like the one that was transmitted to us from our mothers and grand-mothers to preserve our heritage.
Like Cesar Chavez said " Preservation of one's own culture does not require contempt or disrespect for other culture."
What I am talking about is when I hear consomme or bouillon I expect malanga, watercress,carrots etc.. with nice pieces of well flavored meat in a Delicious broth , I don't expect to find Lima beans unless I am eating a bouillon feuille, as well as Sunday morning pumpkin soup reminds me of a delicious  meats flavored pumpkin broth with carrots, celery, cabbage, pasta , white potatoes etc.. but never sweet potatoes.

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